Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Interesting observations I made today:

- I am allmost never completely nude outside the shower, and when I am I feel uncomfortable. C'est bizarre.

- Axe deodorant is fucking disgusting :(

- The current state of affairs regarding room-cleanliness is; very messy/Total chaos/Lovecraftian/Cthulu (pick one)

- I am to busy to clean up.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Liefde van Later..

Ik wou dat ik het beter kon zeggen.

Will nicht jeder genau da bleiben, wo er niemals gewesen ist?

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

So much I thought I'd have to say
Though I try to speak, my meaning strays.
We can't avoid the facts that brought us here.
I have come to say goodbye.

The lies I try to tell with my own eyes;
An act of pride, a willful compromise.
Please understand how torn I am
When I walk away from here.

I lament the moments we won't share.
If I am far too sentimental, I apologize.
Please understand this is who I am
And who I'll still be when I've walked away from here.

You know I'm not unkind
When I say in the future,
The past is just the past.

No going back,
No change of heart
But this is now,
Time will not differ.

My thoughts betray, so easily confess
How long I'll wait here after you have gone.
Nothing ends but I don't believe that now
Please don't walk away from here.

I went alone and I remember days.
Nothing will change a single fact of who you were to me
Oh, come what may, forever to the end
I find it so hard to let you go.

And hush now, let it go now
There's no need for sad goodbyes.
Hush now, let it go now
I know it's time to go.
Time to let this fall from my hands

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Wer immer nur zurück schaut, seht nur seiner Schatten.

Sunday, August 23, 2009


Radiant light, diminished,
once so bright and blazing.

Fury, and your armour choking,
the shield you're always raising.

Your Halo's slipping down.

Monday, August 17, 2009


K heb de kracht niet om te huilen.
Verlaat me wel verlaat me niet..
Ik heb de kracht niet om te huilen,
ben krachteloos in mijn verdriet.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

5 to 12.

Passion is a weird thing.
It is a force that can drive us, but when do you know if someone has passion for something? Some people say they do, but sometimes I think they clearly dont. I dont even know it for myself. And then, ok say you found out that you have a passion for something. That doesnt mean you're good at it. It doesnt mean you will live a happy life surviving on your passion. What if, say your passion is music. And you listnen to it at night, thinking "gosh I wish I could play guitar like that", but you only have 3 fingers. Then what!? Thats right, then you're drunk. LOL.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Rantings of 2 drunken madmen.

Down the street a man appears,
But its not the wife at home he fears;
Its not the children that look up to him,
Its not the the fearful employees,
Who obey his every whim
No... What troubles this man



Yes! This masterpiece was made by us, pic for the non believers!

Bar poetry rules!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

A farewell once more.

Since the death of my grandma, I started linking a certain song to her. Mainly because it was played on her funeral, but also because it seemed to fit her really well. When my grandpa died last week, I decided to tribute a song to him aswell. Purely personal ofcourse, but this song will allways remind me of him and the great times we had together. You will probably not understand the choice of song, but that is not the point. I would just like to share it with you guys.


Maybe if I'd climb real high,
You'd be up there in the clouds.
And then just maybe there I'd find you,
And we could sit and talk just for a while..

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Story of a mall cop in a quiet town, somewhere in Italy.

"I remember it like it was yesterday. Actually, it was yesterday. I was doing my usual rounds this particular day, minding, well not just minding my own business ofcourse, since my business is minding other people's business. At any rate, I was walking around the store, making sure everone respected my authority. My mom always tells me that I look "very scary" before I go to work, when she makes my sandwiches, but somehow I can hear that she doesnt really mean it. This might have something to do with the fact that she used to say that I looked " super cute, and all grown up-like in my uniform", and that she "just wanted to cuddle me". But I told her in my firmest voice, that I'm a certified mall-cop, and I am not for looking cute, I am for looking scary.

Anyway, I was making my usual rounds that day, when suddenly I saw I had a real case at my hands. A man walked in to the store, and from the first sight I knew he was up to no good. A real, class-A villain. I followed the ne'er do well, and at a certain point, I knew that my sences were right - one of the main reasons why I am so good at what I do: he wore no shoes! This outrage had to be stopped at any price. I tried to reason with him, but clearly he was not of the civilized tongue. The clever man was clearly aware that he was violating mall regulations, since he was allready walking with store-owned flip flops to the register. But he was not to get away so easily. Though clearly he did not understand a word from what I was saying, I made a solid effort to explain myself, because if this man was to be here, he had better understand the language. I watched him as the man purchased his flip flops, put them on his feet, and walked back into the store. I was appalled at his arrogance. This is unheard of! Clearly the 3 day authority course I had followed was failing me. But, on the other hand, the crime had be averted, justice had been done, and I redeemed my failing self respect with some stern looks in the man's direction. Assured that he would from here on out, fearing my wrath, abide to the rules of the mall, I continued my rounds with the satisfaction only rarely felt from capturing an outlaw red-handed. Mother would be proud.